Take the market’s leading OT Security platform for an online test drive.  This experience will enable you to:

    • Have a dedicated cloud based instance of Continuous Threat Detection
    • Ability to run PCAPs of your choice
    • Import data from Claroty provided tools to make your experience customized
    • Dedicated Solutions Engineer as your co-pilot

Benefits with a CTD Ultimate Test Drive

Reveal: Instantly gain visibility into OT, IoT, and IIoT assets, their network sessions, connectivity paths, and OT processes such as code changes and tag values.   

Protect: Gain insight into your environment. See which assets have CVEs or other vulnerabilities.  Visualize an attack vector! 

Detect: Take advantage of CTD’s five detection engines to determine if your systems have been compromised.  Leverage Claroty’s wisdom of the crowd to determine if anomalies exist. 

Connect: Review the many connectors that enable CTD to integrate into your existing security stack and enterprise infrastructure. 

Reports:  Impress your management with meaningful reports that can immediately benefit your organization!

PCAP Overview 

By leveraging open source technologies such as wireshark, our Solution Engineers can walk

you through the process of finding the best possible places to gather data, such as an engineering workstation or centralized switch.  Our solution engineers are knowledgeable with all types of OT and IoT systems and can quickly guide you through the process.

From there, using your Ultimate Test Drive CTD instance, you are able to process the PCAPs,  where it is presented for visibility and vulnerability information.

AppDB  Overview

This unique, non-intrusive asset discovery method allows CTD to ingest and parse backup configuration files for industrial devices, such as PLCs, directly. AppDB is ideal for parts of the network that are air-gapped, cannot be connected to directly, and/or contain assets that cannot be discovered via the passive or active techniques. Your assigned SE will help you identify which configuration files you can parse with the system. Claroty is able to provide immediate visibility into the network and can monitor multiple networks simultaneously while eliminating the need to connect to them.