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All about the RoMa Craft (event Friday August 6th)

Episode 4

You can’t go more then a few minutes in La Cultura Cigar & Social without hearing the words “RoMa Craft” mentioned. There is good reason behind that, they make great, consistent cigars. Not to mention everyone on staff is a fan of this brand.

On this episode we dive into each of the blends that they offer, some history behind them, the meanings, our experiences, and introduce Sean to the RoMa world of cigars.

You will also hear us refer to the event in a “few days”, “tonight” etc. To clear up all the confusion, the RoMa Craft event is Friday August 6th, starting at 5pm at 512 Southwest Boulevard, Kansas City, MO.

Promoting RoMa Craft is a labor of love for Ben and Mike. Come by Friday and try not to become a fan!!

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Intro and Outro: “La Cultura Anthem” by Twiggy AKA Thunderous Contender